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22 Health Benefits of Sea Vegetables and Aloe Vera

Master George Xu in Cortez, Colorado July 12-13.

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WELCOME to Durango Tai Chi

Tai Chi for Health. Healing meditative movement that integrates mind, energy and body in a holistic practice for lifelong well being.

Learn relaxation techniques and whole-body biomechanics to improve posture, balance, and overall well-being.

Heal, relax and strengthen your total being with mindful physical activity and nutritional perspectives.

Learn martial applications and techniques.

Summer Tai Chi Practice Begins Tuesday, July 15 in Durango, Colorado.

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What we offer at Durango Tai Chi

Beneficial exercises with the greatest benefits to help cultivate mental, physical, energetic, and spiritual health.

QIGONG : Simple, effective energy-generating movements from various systems.

TAI CHI CHUAN beginning forms: Wu, Chen, Yang Pan-hou, Lan Shou (S. Shaolin), Chen Man-Ching 37 form.

Zhang Zhuan standing, Yi Quan.

Fundamental Martial Arts Principles and Practices

Customized adjustments for each person.

Benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong