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Master George Xu in Sonoma Zen Mountain Center, California, Sept. 16-21, 2014

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tai chi for health

WELCOME to Durango Tai Chi

Tai Chi for Health. Healing meditative movement that integrates mind, energy and body in a holistic practice for lifelong well being.

Learn relaxation techniques and whole-body biomechanics to improve posture, balance, and overall well-being.

Heal, relax and strengthen your total being with mindful physical activity and nutritional perspectives.

Learn martial applications and techniques.

Contact Me Now to receive a detailed practice syllabus and affordable pricing!

Please join me for Taiji practice August 5 through Sept. 9.

9:30 am Tuesdays
Trimble Hot Springs
6475 County Rd. 203

(no class Tues. July 29)

5:30 pm Tuesdays
Durango Recreation Center Pavilion
(in back outside to right near river trail)

NEW! Intro to Tai Chi in Bayfield.

Continuing six-week session dependent on attendance
9:00-10:00 am
Saturday, August 2
Eagle Park

I have fresh info to share from four days with my teachers George Xu and Susan Matthews. I am simplifying the class content and expect greater results from my teaching. You can expect greater retention with my new approach. The only thing left is for you to give it a try for six weeks.

Feel more comfortable learning in a private situation? Contact me for info on personalized instruction.

Have a health issue? Call me to discuss, learn about my affordable strategy for you, and see if Taiji is right for you.

When you sign up, be sure to request my special report on how to start your own home practice.

CONTACT for private instruction.

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What we offer at Durango Tai Chi

Beneficial exercises with the greatest benefits to help cultivate mental, physical, energetic, and spiritual health.

QIGONG : Simple, effective energy-generating movements from various systems.

TAI CHI CHUAN beginning forms: Wu, Chen, Yang Pan-hou, Lan Shou (S. Shaolin), Chen Man-Ching 37 form.

Zhan Zhuang standing, Yi Quan.

Fundamental Martial Arts Principles and Practices

Customized adjustments for each person.

Benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong